About Borean Innovation

Until 2019, Borean Innovation has been an innovation incubator. Innovation incubators invest venture capital in the very early stages of a company, before there is any reassurance that the business concept is viable. Our ambition has been to act as a link between tech startups and business angels, venture capitalists and the like. 

We have supplied capital, knowledge and competence in the start-up phase and ensured additional capital as the company progressed and headed towards the operating stage.  Typically, we hav sold our shares of the company after 4-7 years, when the business is viable.

The Innovation Incubator Scheme is funded by the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants; a part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Read more about the Innovation Incubator Scheme on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science: www.ufm.dk

Borean Innovation has been approved as Exit Operator for the Danish State

Since the decision to phase out the Innovation Incubators, the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (SIU) has worked on a specific model to handle all the portfolio companies, which are currently held by the Innovation Incubators.

In April 2019, SIU released an EU tender, in which interested entrants could bid for the task as Manager of the State's investments during the period 2020-22 with the aim of divesting the companies during the same timeframe.

During May 2019, Borean Innovation A/S was selected as one of the future Exit Operators, thus contributing to settling loans and ownership interests in Borean’s current approx. 60 portfolio companies. In parallel, Borean Innovation A/S continues to develop the existing portfolios and, not least, assisting the companies in the process of attracting external capital.