Capital and know-how

Borean Innovation is an innovation incubator. Innovation incubators invest venture capital in the early stages of a company, before there is any reassurance that the business concept is viable. Our ambition is to act as a link between tech startups and business angels, venture capitalists and the like. 

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Niels Buus, CEO of Gomspace

Borean has been the incubator that secured the birth of this company. Their involvement has been crucial.


The application process

From the time you approach us, we typically spend up to two weeks investigating your idea and its technological and commercial potential. Subsequently, we will inform you whether or not we could see Borean possibly investing in your idea and wish to move forward with a more thorough preliminary investigation.

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Do you have a great idea and the ability to convert it to a successful business? If so, we would very much like to hear from you. We primarily invest in information and communication technology, clean tech, medico & welfare tech and industry & electronics.