Do you invest in innovative technology?


At Borean we work with the businesses of tomorrow – the companies that have both the idea, the team, the talent and the ambition to succeed. At the same time, we are continuously searching for the right buyer who wants to invest in our shares of the company when we exit.

Browse through our portfolio, and if any company piques your interest, don’t hesitate to call us for further information. 

Thor Jespersen

CEO, Borean Innovation



Our investment model

As an innovation incubator, Borean has been able to co-finance promising business ideas with up to 6,7 million DKK.

The investment is a combination of capital infusion and risk-bearing subordinate loan capital. Depending on the size of the capital infusion, we will own a part of the new company for between 4 and 7 seven years – and then exit. 

We take risks with our investments, and as an innovation incubator we have been more risk-minded than most conventional investors on the capital market.