Anybody Technology

AnyBody Technology develops the software system AnyBody Modeling System which models and simulates the human body and its movements. AnyBody Modeling System is for instance used within the world of sports and in hospitals. Among AnyBody’s costumers are RBM; one of Northern Europes largest office chair production companies, as well as the global car manufacturing company Ford.

(Porteføljeansvarlig: Jesper Jespersen)

Anybody Technology
Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 9220
9635 4286 ·

CEO: Jørgen Skov Rosenkilde


Project manager

Thor Jespersen, CEO
+45 9635 4520 ·

Thor manages Borean Innovation. He has the executive responsibility for our investments and the portfolio of companies we have invested in.

Thor has his own experience as CEO of a venture-financed company. Moreover, Thor has extensive experience working with general management, commercial law, venture investments and M&A, both within the industrial sector and the venture capital industry. 

Educational background 

M.Sc. in Business Administration and Commercial Law
Management education from CEDEP and INSEAD