Digital Revisor

Digital Revisor ("digital accountant") has set out to replace personal accountants with digital ones. The company is building a digital system that can assume some of the work accountants do on annual reports and tax returns. The user will be able to recieve the calculations within minutes. The company has been approved by the Danish Customs and Tax Administration as a professional consultant with permission to report tax return results.


Digital Revisor
Åbogade 15, 8200 8200
2494 6652 ·

CEO: Niels Dahl


Project manager

Morten Bitsch Janik, Portfolio manager
+45 4265 1525 ·

Morten handles investments and portfolio management.

Morten has a background in the industrial and transportation sectors, where he has been CFO for a number of companies. He has extensive knowledge within business development, strategy, funding and M&A, as well as board experience from several boards.

M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting
Various management courses