Green Silencer

Green Silencer produces and installs the patented Green Silencer noise-reducing fence. The noise-reducing fence is designed as an upright soil containing compartment, held together by sections of plastic, tree or bamboo fibers. As a special feature, it is possible to grow plants on the fence and obtain a totally green noise-reducing fence. The large quantity of soil and the plants absorb sound and assist the fence in achieving maximum noise reduction.

Green Silencer
Herredsvejen 2, 3400 3400
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CEO: Anders Munck Theisen


Project manager

Morten Bitsch Janik, Portfolio manager
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Morten handles investments and portfolio management.

Morten has a background in the industrial and transportation sectors, where he has been CFO for a number of companies. He has extensive knowledge within business development, strategy, funding and M&A, as well as board experience from several boards.

M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting
Various management courses