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Princh is an intuitive, user-friendly and cloud-based printing solution which aims to become the standard for printing and payment in public space. The perfect solution for anyone who offers printing as a service to their customers.

Unique Value Proposition

Princh is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enable their customers - on their own - to print, copy and scan quickly and easily, as well as handling electronic payment for the printing services. Using the Princh solution, the user prints directly from his mobile device, laptop or desktop PC and pays during the same transfer by creditcard, MobilePay or another electronic form of payment. Princh works with all printers and is easy and fast to install.

Princh is a leader within printing in Northern Europe and has a large and growing customer base in the US and the rest of the world.

Business Model

Princh's business is founded on a traditional subscription-based software.


Bjørnholms Allé 22, 8260 8260
89 88 67 66 ·

CEO: Thomas Ommen



Thor Jespersen, CEO
+45 9635 4520 ·

Thor manages Borean Innovation. He has the executive responsibility for our investments and the portfolio of companies we have invested in.

Thor has his own experience as CEO of a venture-financed company. Moreover, Thor has extensive experience working with general management, commercial law, venture investments and M&A, both within the industrial sector and the venture capital industry. 

Educational background 

M.Sc. in Business Administration and Commercial Law
Management education from CEDEP and INSEAD