Scale Biofuel

Scale Biofuel has developed a brand new biofuel production technology. The aim is to produce biofuel at such a low cost that it will be able to compete directly on the existing energy market and make the technology available to new markets that cannot be reached with the current biofuel technology. Scale Biofuels technology has the potential to make sustainable biofuel and electricity financially obtainable to those who currently live without – for example developing countries.

Scale Biofuel
Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 9220
2330 2564 ·

CEO: Dan Nilsson


Project manager

Steen Palle, Investment manager
+45 9635 4531 ·

Steen is responsible for seeking out promising business ideas and businesses with potential. He investigates the commercial viability of the ideas and and draws up investment presentations.

Steen Palle has extensive experience working with innovation, business development and marketing within both technology companies like LOGSTOR and consultancy firms.

Educational background

M.Sc., civil engineering