SolarDrive Container Power

SolarDrive Container Power has specialized in sustainable power supply units for ISO containers – a container type that is used for many different purposes. Some types of use require power access, which usually would be supplied by a traditional fossil fuel generator. Instead, SolarDrive Container Power’s power supply unit is based on photovoltaic solar cells that are easily installed on the top of the container.

SolarDrive Container Power
Sondrupvej 49, 8350 8350
7020 1989 ·​​​

CEO: Kim Ahrenfeldt


Project manager

Henning Klausen, Investment manager
+45 2962 4234 ·

Henning is responsible for screening new business concepts and for assessing the viability of the suggested projects. He also handles investments and portfolio management.

Henning has a professional background within marketing, strategy, business development and sales, working 15 years for Bang & Olufsen and as Marketing Director for Vestas. In addition, Henning has entrepreneurial experience in running his own start-ups. 

Educational background

M.Sc. in marketing