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Structural Vibration Solutions

Structural Vibration Solutions develops software solutions for measuring and analyzing vibrations in any type of construction – for instance buildings, bridges, ships, cars and planes. The software is relatively unique when it comes to measuring in Output Only Modal Analysis, which means that measures can be made outside of testing laboratories, thus creating the possibility for a number of new applications.

Borean Innovation sold its shares in the company in 2018.

Structural Vibration Solutions


Project manager

Thor Jespersen, CEO
+45 9635 4520 ·

Thor manages Borean Innovation. He has the executive responsibility for our investments and the portfolio of companies we have invested in.

Thor has his own experience as CEO of a venture-financed company. Moreover, Thor has extensive experience working with general management, commercial law, venture investments and M&A, both within the industrial sector and the venture capital industry. 

Educational background 

M.Sc. in Business Administration and Commercial Law
Management education from CEDEP and INSEAD