Your company must meet the following criteria

Before we consider investing in your company, it must meet a few demands. As a government-approved innovation incubator we are subject to certain legislative requirements, and we also want to make sure that your company has the potential to become truly successful.


  • A maximal turnover of 50.000 DKK if the company is older than 18 months
  • The company must be exceptional in terms of market, technology or function
  • The company must be protectable through cutting-edge technology, knowledge or patenting
  • The company must have a substantial international market potential

We do not demand co-funding from the founder or a contract of guarantee for the loan we provide.

Does it seem like we could be a match for your company? Then by all means call us or send us your pitch deck. We would love to hear from you.


From idea to investment

From the time you approach us, we typically spend up to two weeks vetting your idea and its technological and commercial potential. Subsequently, we will inform you whether or not we could see Borean possibly investing in your idea and wish to move forward with a more thorough preliminary investigation.

A preliminary investigation is an in-depth investigation where we take a look at the scalability and patentability of your product or idea. The preliminary investigation typically takes between 4 and 12 weeks.

If we believe that your business idea has great potential, your pitch deck will be presented to our board. We need board approval before we become co-owners of a company, and if they approve of yours, we can start negotiating terms. If you have not already founded the company, we will do it together.

The largest portion of Borean’s investment will typically consist of loans to be used on developing your idea, your products and your company as a whole. Simultaneously, we will enter the company board and act as partners for discussion.

  1. Project vetting
  2. Preliminary investigation
  3. Investor pitch
  4. Board submission and investment plan
  5. Decision and possible investment

Your pitch deck = your most important tool

When looking for investors, your pitch deck is your most important tool. Receive our very best advice for getting your pitch deck in order right here

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Apply for investment

It has been politically decided to phase out the innovation incubator scheme in 2019. As a result, Borean Innovation wil no longer receive government funds to invest in new and promising start-ups. We therefore unfortunately no longer accept inquiries about new business concepts.